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Dr. Josylyn C. Segal

Clinical Psychologist


Ph. D, The Wright Institute Graduate School of Clinical Psychology

Berkeley, Ca

M.S. ,San Francisco State University

B.A. ,Social Psychology, Women's Psychology

Brandeis University/Beacon College

Additional Qualifications:

Licensed MFT

(Marriage Family Therapist)


Clinical Psychologist 

Dr.Josylyn C. Segal

Trained as a Marriage Family Therapist in Northern California and later specializing in cross-cultural and intercultural relational/identity dynamics in clinical psychology and multidisciplinary education, I bring to the therapy dynamic over thirty-five years of clinical and professional international experience personally traversing

San Francisco Bay Area, Netherlands Antilles, the Bronx, New York

Brussels, Belgium,

Israel and Berlin, Germany as a mixed heritage Jewish woman of 

African-American/Native American and Russian/Romanian descent.

My therapeutic approach is influenced by family systemic, psychodynamic and cognitive interventions incorporating sensitivity to and awareness of social-cultural contexts.

This only means that I provide the space to examine how internalized and institutionalized issues of prejudice, class, culture, and gender influence how you cope with the challenges of life.  Indeed, how we deal with our emotional challenges is often influenced by our past experiences, however, the role of socio-cultural messages is frequently enmeshed with our emotional challenges and the many impediments that prevent change for us to feel better. Ultimately, I am a guide to help you find ways to think and behave differently toward what is “bugging you”, the life stressors, etc. I do not give advice, however with clients, I provide the frame to invite you to give yourself permission to explore what you can change, taking the steps to build that track record for yourself, to actualize concretely your potential to feel better, take care of yourself, and embrace more emotional health in your life.

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